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Handcrafted Ebooks is a fairly technical guide to ePub formatting and ePub-Kindle portability. It’s aimed at those who are happy to use (or learn) XHTML, CSS, text-editing and text-processing with standard, cross-platform tools. It’s in the nature of such a project that updates and corrections will be required from time to time — since publication, Apple has already released new versions of both its ePub reader (iBooks) and its mobile operating system (IOS) that have outdated previously-valid information.

For business rather than technical reasons, I’ve also been refining my approach to Kindle portability, concentrating more on maintaining a single ePub file that can be converted directly to Kindle format (and accepting the compromises that must be made in order to do so), instead of using automated tools to generate individually-tweaked files that target ePub and Kindle respectively from a single set of XHTML sources, which is the focus of the Kindle-porting chapter in the book.

Clearly, that’s quite a lot of updating and going forward, I expect there to be more. Up to now, I’ve been maintaining a single page for updates, downloads and discussion related to Handcrafted Ebooks, but that’s not going to work in the longer term. Hence this blog.